Ethnographic Research

The course is designed for doctorate students in business administration who want to learn about and conduct ethnographic research. The aim of the course is to provide students with methodological foundations and advanced knowledge on ethnographic research in business studies. After attending this course, participants should be able to 

  • understand the methodological foundations of ethnographic research
  • differentiate between different approaches to ethnography and be able to assess their strengths and weaknesses
  • plan an ethnographic research design as well as be prepared for methodological challenges in their field research  
  • understand ways of analyzing ethnographic data and judge ethnographic research according to quality criteria

The first workshop day will provide an overview of the history of ethnography as well as introduce the participants to different approaches in ethnographic research. The second workshop day focuses on research ethics, quality criteria and publishing ethnographic research. On the third workshop day, the process of doing ethnographic research in the field as well as the issues of access, roles and forms of engagement will be discussed. The fourth day looks at different strategies for analyzing ethnographic data. The session will be hands-on and offer participants the opportunity to gain practical experience with analyzing ethnographic data.



September 2 - 5, 2024



Kyffhäuser 21
Kyffhäuserstr. 21
10781 Berlin

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Prof. Dr. Jana Costas,
Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

Jana Costas is Professor of Business Administration, in particular People, Work and Management at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder). She holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, and has been awarded with the EU Marie Curie Fellowship. She conducted the fellowship at the Copenhagen Business School. Jana has also been Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessorin) for Qualitative Methods in Management Research at Freie Universität Berlin. Her research interests lie in the area of organization studies, in particular secrecy, creativity, control, identity, culture, leadership, tech lobbying, violence, and new work and organizational arrangements. She has published in and reviews for various journals, such as Organization Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Human Relations. Jana is Associate Editor of Organization and acts on the Editorial Board of Organization Theory. She has published the monograph  Secrecy at Work: The Hidden Architecture of Organizational Life (with Chris Grey), Stanford University Press. Her ethnographic book Dramas of Dignity: Cleaners in the Corporate Underworld of Berlin published by Cambridge University Press won the EGOS book award 2023.

Prof. Blagoy Blagoev
Universität St.Gallen

Blagoy Blagoev is Professor of Organization Studies at University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). His research draws on a temporal lens to examine the interplay of people, organizations, and society in the context of current technological, ecological, and cultural transformations. His main research interests include (1) organizing and managing for sustainability, (2) emerging technologies and organizing, (3) new and decentralized forms of working and organizing, and (4) organizational change, innovation, and persistence. He draws on qualitative and historical research methods to examine a wide range of organizations such as multinational corporations, knowledge-intensive firms, museums, and coworking spaces. His work has appeared in leading international journals, such as Administrative Science QuarterlyAcademy of Management JournalJournal of Management Studies, Organization StudiesOrganization and Scandinavian Journal of Management

Prof. Dan Kärreman,
Copenhagen Business School

Dan Kärreman is Professor in Management and Organization Studies at Copenhagen Business School, and Professor in Business Administration at Lund University. His research interests include critical management studies, knowledge work, identity in organizations, leadership, organizational control and research methodology.  He received his PhD, based on an organizational ethnography, in 1997, and has held position at Gothenburg University, Lund University, Copenhagen Business School and Royal Holloway, University of London. His contributions to organizational methodology includes articles and books on organizational discourse analysis, mystery as method, theory creation and critical inquiry. He has contributed to more than 40 journal articles in peer review publications and has published in most top ranked journals in organization studies.


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