Call for Papers: Special Issue on Transformation

Challenges, Entrepreneurial and Managerial Impact, Consequences for Business Research and Education

Edited by:
Marina Fiedler (University of Passau)
Thomas Hutzschenreuter (Technical University of Munich)
Martin Klarmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – KIT)
Barbara E. Weißenberger (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf)

Climate change, political and societal turbulence or emerging technologies challenge organizations and individuals to transformation. These developments pose enormous opportunities but also threats for organizations and individuals, who have to answer how to deal with change and how to make use of change. Dealing with and making use of change is at the heart of entrepreneurial and managerial decision making and acting. We invite research papers that put change and transformation at the core of their analysis, and/or discuss consequences for business research and education.

Papers for the Special Issue may address, for example, the following topics:

  • How do firms transform? How and why are business models adapted? How do start-ups and established companies drive successful change initiatives, and/or how are start-ups and established companies affected by change?
  • What is the role of individuals and institutions in transformation processes, e.g., customers, employees, competitors, or standard setters?
  • Which entrepreneurial and managerial instruments are most effective for transformation, which are not and why? How do organizations shape and adapt their decision-making, management, human resources and control processes as well as their value chain processes and customer relationships, and what is the role of digital technologies, e.g., artificial intelligence, within this transformation?
  • What is the impact of the increasingly complex international regulatory environment in, e.g., finance and accounting on firm performance, how does it relate to stakeholders’ demands for sustainability and resilience within organizations, and which governance structures will be needed in the future?
  • How does and should business research address change and turbulence of our time? What are new research methods and tools in this regard? What is the role of theory and how could and should the logic of business research look like?
  • What are the challenges for business, entrepreneurial, and management education? What is and could be the link between theories and research of change and (new) teaching methods?

The aim of the Special Issue is to publish new and pathbreaking work that engages with the above mentioned or related questions. We invite papers that provide new evidence and engage with salient bodies of theoretical and applied knowledge. We welcome paradigmatic, theoretical, empirical (quantitative and qualitative), and methodological contributions that speak to these aspects. All contributions should clearly address the practical and theoretical implications for business decisions and/or societal institutions.

Submission guidelines and deadlines:
All manuscripts must follow the guidelines of the Schmalenbach Journal of Business Research, which are available at:
Manuscript submission for the review process should be done in the Editorial Manager of Springer at under the manuscript category “Special Issue Transformation”.

Submission deadline: 15 May 2022
Expected publication date: March 2023

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